Revolutionary Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion Service Floods Local Businesses With More Customers Than They Can Handle Forcing Expansion And Higher Profits...

"Unlock The Hidden Potential Of Your Local Business Website And Have Customers Calling Your Phone, Walking In Your Door and Begging To Contract Your Services!"

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Hi, My Name Is Curtis

I bring national and international brand marketing to locally owned and operated businesses. Not only in Hawaii, but anywhere in the U.S.

I Protect My Client's Territory - This is Limited To Only One Business Type In Each Area...

Someone Will Lock In A Spot With Me And DOMINATE The Local Business Competition...

Will It Be You Or One Of Your Competitors?

Ok, So, What EXACTLY Do I Do?

I Tell Your Stories To The World
Working with the local business owner, I develop and distribute positive stories across hundreds of major media and other high traffic websites.
I Promote The Business Brand
Positive stories are written to cultivate brand awareness and to trigger the curiosity of viewers to visit the local businesses. When people search for the companies I promote, all they find are my positive stories- Any potential negative stories are simply drowned out.
I Get Class 'A' Positioning For My Customers
When I promote, the right people listen. Unlike average 'SEO services', my stories are picked up and published on real media outlets (which all link back to your website), not phony private websites that exist merely as a place to put a 'back link'.
I Get Your Stories AND Website Ranked
While the stories I produce are powerful in getting your brand name out there and noticed, the publishers who pick up and share the stories are very respected by the search engines. Most of my promotions are ranked on the first page of the search engines in hours. The result is Your Business gets front page positioning.
Tell Me, Just How Competitive Are You?
Think about this for a minute... Suppose you are Number 11 (page 2) of the search engine results. I promote you and the story goes to page one in hours and over time your website goes to page one as well... What is the real result? You were competing with 20 (10 page one and 10 page 2 competitors) but now, since you occupy TWO page one spots, you are only competing with 8 competitors....

This Is Different, It WORKS, And None Of Your Competitors Will Have Access To It

Unless They Sign Up With Me First...

I am a reasonable guy- I KNOW you've seen big promises before so I will spare you the hyped up sales pitch...

Here's My Offer....

If you are:

  • Tired of watching your competitors grab all the potential clients while you scramble for the scraps just to make ends meet.
  • Sick of spending your entire advertising budget (or more) on 'SEO services' that just don't work.
  • In need of a real promotion service that actually delivers a positive ROI.
  • Prepared to expand your business to handle a flood of new customers.
  • Are realistic about how promotions really work and understand real progress takes real work and time to accomplish.
  • Just curious what I can do for you and what it would look like.


Simply cut and paste the email address below and send me an email.

Include the following:
I need your business Name/Address/Phone, your website, and the location(s) you provide service to. Also include your current advertising methods and budget. (let me know what sorts of services you already contract such as SEO, PPC, banner ads, etc.).
I will take a look...
I cannot help everyone- some of you already have what you need. Also, I am not a website guy. If your website isn't ready for increased promotion and traffic, I cannot help you. Finally, this promotion method is powerful because it is exclusive- I do not take on clients in 'shady' businesses (no gambling, adult, or seedy health related businesses).
If I think we might be a good fit...
If I think we are a good fit (mutual) and that I can truly help you, I will get back in touch with you to discuss. Following this discussion, if we agree we should explore working together further, I will perform an analysis of your web presence and we will go from there.
I rely more on referrals than sales...
I don't want to waste your time or have my time wasted. I am not here to 'sell' you anything. I am here to deliver the most powerful advertising and promotion services available to local businesses anywhere. Since I do this well, I thrive on referral business and that allows me to offer you a no-pressure experience that I aim to leave you feeling refreshed that you weren't pressured or tricked into anything.

One Final Thought...

Email me now, before your competitors find me and engage my services...

I protect my clients and if you are a dentist in Honolulu- Sorry... I've already got a Honolulu Dentist on my promotion list so I simply cannot take you on.

I can promote just about Any Local Business (and some on line businesses as well- Especially e-commerce).


Now, It's Your Turn - Email Me To Get Started Now...

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